Fergie Plans to Take Time Off From Music

Don’t expect another Black Eyed Peas album anytime soon. Resident Pea Fergie revealed that following the completion of their summer tour, the group will take a break from recording and be “more selective” about the ventures and performances they do.

Fergie Ferg couldn’t help but share her excitement about her upcoming downtime. “I am so excited to take a break. The guys know that I’ve been waiting and it’s time and it’s exciting,” she told the AP. “We’ve had such a great run together and we’re still touring this year, just less, more selective and we’re not working [on an album]. Unless they’re doing one without me.”

And while fans might expect her to put out a follow-up to 2006’s The Dutchess, she’s going to focus more of her time on philanthropic endeavors. “I’m gonna get more into my charities. Charity work. I’m excited to do more of that. Give back, make it not so much about me, me, me, me, me,” she continued. “And having some free time. I have a football team that I’m a limited owner of, the Miami Dolphins, and I want to go to a game.”

Additionally, she’s setting her sights on her Fergie Footwear shoe line, which debuted last week. “Seeing the line progress has been wonderful for me because I get to see how things get tweaked. I get to see the different use of materials and these are all things that I’m learning,” she explained. “You know, I wasn’t trying to come into this and say I’m Christian Louboutin. You know this is a venture for me to express my creativity and to learn.”