Jennifer Lopez

New Music: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Hypnotico’

Report to the dance floor. Jennifer Lopez keeps the party going with “Hypnotico,” another club banger produced by RedOne (“On the Floor”) and written by Lady Gaga. The synth-heavy record, which will appear on her seventh album LOVE? (May 3), was originally recorded by dancehall artist Tami Chynn.

“They love me for my body/ I’m original sexy,” sings J.Lo over the bombastic bassline before the chanting chorus kicks in: “All the boys are lovin’ when we do our thing/ We just some silly heartbreakers tonight.”

The “Idol” judge recently spoke to Rolling Stone about collaborating with Gaga. “We didn’t work together face to face. RedOne brought her into the process, because they’d worked together a lot—it was kind of cool,” she said. “She’s a great songwriter. I don’t just love her lyrics, but also her melodies.”

Fall under J.Lo’s hypnotizing spell below.