Frank Ocean

Odd Future’s Frank Ocean Lashes Out at Cops After Arrest

Frank Ocean had a run-in with the LAPD. Odd Future’s resident crooner tweeted about being arrested on Thursday night, going on a rant about an unspecified incident that landed him behind bars.

“Just got out of jail,” the singer-songwriter informed his Twitter followers. “Would like to go on record saying..fuck the police. fuck LAPD to be specific. fuck a cop, non-stop. frank will never speak to a cop again in his natural life. i have no respect for police.”

He expressed his frustrations toward law enforcement officials. “I swear if i weren’t sane in mind I’d throw a fuckin molotov in a cop car right now,” he vented. “Cuh had napoleon complex. and seemed really sad that he was on that lame ass bike patrol.”

Odd Future’s co-manager Kelly Clancy posted his bail in the early hours of Friday morning, but no further information was disclosed.

Ironically, Ocean plays a police officer in the video for bandmate Tyler, the Creator’s upcoming video “She,” which was shot earlier this month in Los Angeles.