Yelawolf and Eminem

Jim Jonsin Sets Sights on Eminem and Yelawolf Collaboration

It’s about to get real Shady in here. Following their “2.0 Boys” collaboration, Eminem is planning to team up again with Yelawolf for the Shady Records signee’s new album, reveals Jim Jonsin.

The hitmaker, who is producing for Yela’s forthcoming Shady debut Radioactive, is slated to hit the studio with both rappers in the coming weeks. “We’re actually scheduling a session with me, Yela, and Eminem to work on his project,” he tells “I’m eager to see how that turns out. That’s gonna be a great session. He’s got a lot of good stuff already recorded and we’re just gonna try and see where we can go, the three of us.”

The album, which also includes production from Diplo, The Audibles, and Pooh Bear, is shaping up nicely. “It sounds really good,” he adds. “Me and Yela have done quite a few songs over the past two years. I think we’ll probably cut four or five more songs before his album’s gonna be due.”

Jonsin has remained an avid supporter of the Alabama rapper. “Yelawolf has this amazing energy and sound. His voice cuts like a knife and his delivery as a rap artist is kinda similar in a lot of ways to Eminem, where he’s really sharp and he can rap super fast and he’s really clear. But he’s nothing like Eminem in the sense that they’re two totally different artists.”

The “Space Bound” producer was instrumental in getting Yela signed to Em’s label. “I thought if Eminem got behind Yelawolf, it would help. It would be a huge stamp on his career. I actually mentioned to Eminem in our session that he should listen to Yelawolf and give him a shot because he’s the real deal and he’s cut from the same cloth, so I think he took that into consideration when thinking about signing him. I hope I had something to do with that.”