Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future Wreaks Havoc on Highline Ballroom

Odd Future brought the ruckus to New York City’s Highline Ballroom last night. The West Coast gang performed an adrenalized show for a raucous sold-out crowd, with members Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, and more inciting mosh pits and stirring up chaos.

Resident engineer Syd the Kid, the sole female member in Wolf Gang, manned the turntables to warm up the audience until the crew emerged past 1 a.m. The fired-up collective kicked off with Tyler’s “Sandwitches” featuring Hodgy, segueing into a set list of choice OFWGKTA cuts.

Tyler led the pack, roaring out lyrics as onlookers including Q-Tip jammed to tracks like “Transylvania” and “Seven.” “Goblin is motherf**king out! How many of y’all motherf**kers copped that?” asked Tyler, who sported rolled up gym socks, cutoff shorts, and a baseball T-shirt ripped apart by the teeming crowd. “I f**k with New York, so thanks for ruining my motherf**king shirt!”

Tyler, the Creator

Domo Genesis took the reigns to perform “Rolling Papers” while Tyler changed into a Goblin tee to celebrate the release of his sophomore album. Patrons stormed the stage and leapt back into the crowd during Domo and Hodgy’s “Tang Golf.” Tyler reemerged for “Splatter,” addressing the new OF fans that he spotted in attendance.

“Most of you guys know that Goblin dropped. I’m really excited,” he proclaimed. “It’s kind of like a beef between OG OF fans and new fans. I don’t like that.”

That didn’t stop him from pleasing the sea of bodies with “Yonkers,” which he performed while bathed in a red light. The lanky frontman reverted back to his debut Bastard with a rendition of “French,” shining the spotlight on MellowHype who performed “CopKiller.”

Tyler, the Creator

The fiery audience simmered when R&B crooner Frank Ocean joined in on the fun, touting a red hat, colorful shirt, and black pants. “American Wedding” came first, followed by his infectious single “Novacane” that saw him cozying up to a bevy of ladies who hopped onstage.

“I don’t give a f**k what no one says, this dude can sing,” said Tyler, collaborating with Ocean on his new single “She.” “He was so nervous, so give it up for Frank Ocean.”

Before leaving the scene, Odd Future revved up the audience one last time with the blistering “Radical.” “There’s one song I love doing at the end of every show,” a now shirtless Tyler told the room before concertgoers stormed the stage. “What I love when I’m performing is for the crowd to black out and lose their f**king minds. Can we do that tonight?”

Mission accomplished.

–Steven J. Horowitz