Chris Brown

Video: When Chris Brown Was 17

Chris Brown didn’t have a typical childhood. When he was 17, the Tappahannock-born singer was topping the charts with his self-titled debut album. An energetic teen at the time, he was mixing up his fashion, getting home schooled so he could get his high school diploma, and taking tips from older crooner Tank. “As a male vocalist, he’s one of the pioneers for me,” explained a now 22-year-old Breezy.

He also shared—in graphic detail—his most embarrassing moment when he got food poisoning during a concert and “sharted” onstage. A BB gun fight ended with him having to pay $50,000 after he shot the water sprinkler. Chris, a martial arts fan, recalled performing at the 2007 Grammys after injuring his ankle, but still killing his performance.

Flash back to only five short years ago with the R&B superstar for MTV’s “When I Was 17.”