Lady Gaga

5 Quotables from Lady Gaga’s ‘Letterman’ Interview

Lady Gaga swooped into David Letterman’s hot seat in Cruella de Vil hair, a black mask, stillleto boots, and no pants (naturally) for her first interview with the late-night host on her Born day. The pop starlet was full of quirky quotes, some of our favorites which we’ve transcribed below.

On her outfit: “I’m Batman. Da da da da da da da da.”
On whether she will return to college: “In my line of work, I don’t know that they can teach you how to ride disco sticks.”
On performing in variety shows prior to fame: “If you take your clothes off, it’s amazing what will happen.”
On where she got her clothes: “I actually found it in the garbage on the way in.”
On sharing her vessel/egg with Dave: “Maybe we could get in together. You could be the yolk.”

Watch the full “Late Show” interview below.