Soulja Boy and Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future Reaches Out to Soulja Boy for Collaboration

“Wolf Gang! Wolf Gang!” chanted Soulja Boy when asked what he thought about Odd Future. Not only did he share his respect for the hip-hop collective, but the “Crank That” rapper also revealed that a collaboration may be in the works.

“Shouts out to Tyler, the Creator, he’s chill. Shouts out to Taco. I chill with Taco in L.A. Shouts out to the whole Odd Future,” Soulja told “The Super 3 from Odd Future, they produced a couple tracks from my last mixtape [1UP]. They doin’ they thang and they doin’ it originally from the ground up without the label, so salute.”

Members of the pack have been speaking with Soulja about doing a record. “They already reached out for me to do a verse on a song. I just gotta do it,” he laughed. “They mess with Lil B. I mess with Lil B. I’d do a song with them.”

The 20-year-old MC previously outlined plans to collaborate with Drake for Take Care as well as 50 Cent, who asked him to submit beats for his fifth album.

Would you like to hear a Soulja Boy-Odd Future collaboration?