Inside Out

Pharrell Designs Glass Angel Skeleton

Pharrell is soaring to new heights with his art. The creative mastermind has designed a glass sculpture called “Inside Out” for the Glastress show at the Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass in Murano, Italy. The handmade artwork, a collaboration with Berengo Studio, consists of two angel skeletons, one hovering at over 6-feet tall with a smaller one flying behind it.

Skateboard P explained the inspiration behind his vision. “Since I was a little boy my wonderous curiosities were based on fictional things that television offered,” he said. “My mind was crammed pack with creatures fit for a child that were often funny, designed for youth, and usually a profitable franchise like cartoons. Even still, I couldn’t stop thinking about angels.”

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers will honor The Neptunes producer at the 26th Annual ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards on June 23 for his contributions to the Despicable Me soundtrack.

Inside Out Inside Out

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