Alicia Keys and George Michael

Alicia Keys Calls Out George Michael for Bailing on Black Ball

Alicia Keys rarely makes waves, but when she does, everyone takes notice. The “Superwoman” chided George Michael after the ’80s pop icon was a no show at her Black Ball charity gala.

“#Blackball Uk was a TREMENDOUS Success!!!!” wrote the Keep a Child Alive founder before thanking supporters including Mark Ronson, Tinie Tempah, and Boy George for lending their support to her non-profit organization that fights HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.

The annual fundraiser was held in London on Wednesday, June 15, and was expected to feature a performance from the “Faith” singer. But when he didn’t appear, Keys called him out on Twitter, asking, “but one question…..what kind of person bails on 15million orphans…..#GEORGEMICHEAL???? ;-(.”

Michael previously explained his absence, attributing it to a toothache. “Hi boyz n girls….bad news im afraid. This tooth ain’t getting better in time for tonight, not enough to sing anyway,” he told his followers. “I’m really sorry folks. You watch, it’ll be totally fine by tomorrow. Bloody typical. I hope not too many of my lovelies managed to grab a ticket. Of course I’d recommend going anyway, Alicia is great live, and @KeepaChildAlive is great charity to donate to.”