Lady Gaga

Video: Lady Gaga – ‘The Edge of Glory’

There’s no hatching from eggs or controversial biblical themes in the video for Lady Gaga’s latest single “The Edge of Glory.” Instead, the only surprise is the lack of surprises. The pop megastar takes a simpler approach with her latest work, wearing the same studded Versace outfit and black-and-white wig throughout the entire clip as she cavorts outside a brick building resembling her New York apartment.

Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band, who recently suffered a stroke, plays the saxophone on a stoop as Gaga climbs the fire escape and dances on the sidewalk while pink lights illuminate the night sky.

Choreographer Laurieann Gibson previously told Rap-Up TV that something “very fishy” would happen in the video, but we didn’t see anything of the sort. Was the original concept scrapped in favor of something less edgy?