Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne ‘Ball’ at Birthday Bash [Video]

Birthday Bash was full of surprises. In addition to Lil’ Kim’s much-talked-about appearance, Rocko had his own special guest, Mr. Birthday Bash himself, Young Jeezy. After performing the “Umma Do Me (Remix),” the Snowman did his own mini-set, bringing out Lil Wayne. Weezy made his way onto the packed stage in a BBC hoodie and pink shorts to perform their TM103 collaboration “Ballin’.”

“I know last year I said I was gon’ bring Bin Laden,” Jeezy told his hometown crowd. “I couldn’t bring him. They shot that motherf**ker, so I brought the next best thing. Ya’ll give it up for Lil Weezy.”

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