First Look at Diggy Simmons’ ‘Copy, Paste’ Video

Diggy Simmons went in front of the lens last week to shoot the Phil the God-directed video for “Copy, Paste,” the first single from his Atlantic Records debut. In one of the scenes, the 16-year-old son of hip-hop pioneer Rev Run was hooked up to wires in a laboratory as nurses in white coats picked and prodded to clone his legendary genes.

“‘Copy, Paste’ is about just giving an anthem to original people, innovators, people that feel like their style’s been copy, pasted,” Diggy told on set in Los Angeles. “I’m in a laboratory and I’m hooked up to wires and different stuff. I have like a bandage over my stomach. There’s laboratory girls in the scene, but it’s just about them trying to copy and paste me.”

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