Diggy Simmons and Justin Bieber

15 Celebrities Go Planking

Planking is sweeping the nation and even some familiar faces are getting in on the action. The strange phenomenon involves lying face down in a public place and posting photos on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. For the perfect plank, make sure your body is straight, hands are by your sides, and toes are pointing to the ground.

Some of our favorite celebrity plankers include Joe Budden, who planked several times including once in the arm of a tractor; LeToya Luckett, who planked on a rock; Lloyd, who attempted to plank while getting a tattoo; and Usher’s two sons planking on a piano. But “Look at Me Now” producer Diplo may have the best plank yet while riding an elephant in Cambodia.

Check out more planking from Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Diggy Simmons, Game, Big Boi, Miguel, Big Sean, Bun B, Nick Cannon, and others.