Lloyd Debuts ‘Guns & Roses’ Tattoo on His Head

To celebrate the release of his new album King of Hearts, Lloyd debuted a new tattoo and hairstyle. During a visit to “106 & Park” on Tuesday, the “Lay It Down” singer unveiled his new cropped cut and “Guns & Roses” tattoo on the back of his head.

Lloyd, who has several other tattoos, explained why he got the fresh ink. “I’m a walking contrast. I go from hard to soft, I go from guns to roses, which is what’s on my tat. And I like to go from the streets to the sheets,” he told host Terrence J. “I make street-savvy R&B music, but I also like to slow it down and be sensual at times, so when you listen to King of Hearts you get a lot of the contrast of who is me.”

The tat reminded him of his late grandfather. “I lost my best friend in the world July 4th of last year, my grandfather, and the whole time I did it, I just thought about him, all the good times we shared,” he explained. “Every July 4th I go down to New Orleans and I visit him and spend time with the family.”

Miguel, known for sporting his own bold haircuts, saw Lloyd’s shaved head and chimed in with his thoughts. “Imitation is the Highest form of Flattery. Shout to LLoyd,” tweeted the “Sure Thing” singer.

What do you think of Lloyd’s new ink?