Cassie Is Burning Up in Sexy New Photos

Cassie adds some sizzle to the summer in her cover shoot for BLANK magazine. In the photos shot by Gomillion and Leupold, the Bad Boy babe flaunts her hot body while soaking up the sun. The “Me & U” singer, who is recording her sophomore album, poses in a cheetah-print bikini against a graffitied wall, leans against a couple of muscle cars, and shows off a star tattoo on her upper thigh. And we bet you’ve never seen curlers look as sexy as they do when she’s rocking them in her Mohawk.

When asked who she would most like to work with, Cassie told the magazine, “Prince would be amazing. Is that not the worldwide response to this question?”

Get an eyeful of the scorching hot pics and check out some behind-the-scenes footage below.

[Video via the.LIFE Files]