Q-Tip and Kanye West

Kanye West, Busta Rhymes Rock with Q-Tip in Brooklyn [Video]

All of the lights were on Kanye West as legendary headliner Q-Tip brought out the Chi-town rapper toward the end of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival held under the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday afternoon. The boisterous and diverse spectators—made up of skinny jeans-clad hipsters, waddling toddlers, and B-boys/girls—were caught off guard but roared with anticipation when Yeezy hit the stage.

Q-Tip performed a few classics before fading into the intro to Kanye’s “Dark Fantasy,” when he emerged in a black tank top and snapback, keeping the crowd hyped during “All of the Lights” and joining Q-Tip on “Award Tour.”

“This dude right here, I only felt like this when I met Dilla,” the Tribe Called Quest frontman said of Mr. West, who he collaborated with on Watch the Throne. “He’s just a respectable dude. I love this dude. He keeps me going.”

Busta Rhymes was also among the special guests, performing Tribe’s classic “Scenario.” “When ya’ll put me on ‘Scenario,’ it definitely changed a ni**a’s tax bracket,” joked Bussa Bus.