Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Launches Apparel Line, Talks Babies on HSN

Mariah Carey returned to television for the first time since giving birth to her twins. The new mom spoke about her babies and got a visit from husband Nick Cannon while launching her new lifestyle collection on HSN.

During the live chat, Mimi showed off the floral fashions inspired by her visits to Capri and joked about the name for her fragrance Lollipop Bling. “No, I didn’t select that name,” she said. “Sorry, it was something I couldn’t undo. It wasn’t my favorite name but people love it.”

She also plugged her latest fragrance collection named after her songs. “There’s a version with a very popular singer named Trey Songz and we kinda did a duet with this song,” she said of “Inseparable.” “So it’s ironic that I have this remix of the song ‘Inseparable’ and I think my label Universal Records should put it out.”

Nick paid his wife a visit and the proud parents gushed about their twins Monroe and Morrocan. “I believe our son looks just like Mariah and I think our daughter looks like me,” said Nick.

Watch footage from Mariah’s appearance below.