Game and Drake

New Music: Game f/ Drake – ‘Good Girls Go Bad’

Game knows how to stir up controversy with fiery records like “Uncle Otis,” but he reveals a gentler side on “Good Girls Go Bad,” his collaboration with Drake off The R.E.D. Album (Aug. 23). The father of three dedicates the record to the “good girls,” specifically missing teen Natalee Holloway. “I feel for her daddy so I wrote this on Father’s Day,” he says before name checking Biggie’s daughter, Kanye West’s mother, and Beyoncé.

The sensitive thug shares the pain he felt when he saw his father abusing his mother and even tries to keep the peace. “We don’t want to see Nicki fight Lil’ Kim/ There’s missing women out there, let’s just focus on them.”

“Don’t make the good girls go bad,” echoes the soulful chorus, while Drizzy comes through with a playful verse. “I love your ass like Milhouse love Lisa/ I love your ass like the Ninja Turtles love pizza.”

Good girls, this one’s for you.