Ben Baller and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Gets Fitted for a Grill

The next time Justin Bieber flashes his million-dollar smile, you may notice a little extra shine. The teen idol and his pal Sean Kingston got fitted for grills by jeweler to the stars Ben Baller. The process took only minutes while Baller made a mold of Bieber’s six teeth so he could cast them in gold.

“I don’t even make grills anymore unless its for someone really special. and obviously, this is someone special. so I’m gonna swag it the f**k out!” wrote Baller, who’s done work for Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Drake.

But don’t worry Beliebers, it’s not permanent. The fashion accessory can be removed within seconds, so you won’t be seeing it on the cover of his upcoming Christmas album.

Justin Bieber and Ben Baller Justin Bieber, Ben Baller, and Sean Kingston