Lil Wayne Remembers 9/11, Brings Out Game at Tour Finale [Video]

Lil Wayne closed out the second leg of his “I Am Still Music” tour last night in Houston by paying tribute to the victims of 9/11. “As a black man, it’s kinda tough to root for the home team given what we went through for this motherfu**ing home team, but I still can proudly say, ‘I am a motherfu**in’ American!'” he said as the crowd erupted in cheers.

“The people that lost their lives 10 years ago was hardworking people just like you and I. Sometimes it makes you and I wonder why the hell it didn’t happen to us. I did a song once before and I said, ‘And I’m grindin’ till I’m tired/ ‘Cause if you ain’t grindin’, you ain’t…'”

He then brought Game onstage to perform their collaboration “My Life.” “Ladies and gentleman, my Blood brother, The Game,” announced Weezy before singing the hook. Game didn’t stick around for long, slapping hands with his homie before exiting the stage.