Kreayshawn Says She’s No One-Hit Wonder

Don’t write Kreayshawn off just yet. She may have rocketed to stardom overnight with her ubiquitous single “Gucci Gucci,” but the Bay Area rapper insists that she’s here for the long run.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Tim Westwood asked Kreayshawn if “Gucci Gucci” was her “Thong Song,” the 2000 chart-topping single by Sisqó. “No, this is not my ‘Thong Song,'” she told the British radio host. “This is only the beginning. This is a song that got me up here and got me recognized, and I got more to come. When we did ‘Gucci Gucci,’ we did a whole bunch of other songs so there is a lot more coming.”

She was quick to jump to Sisqó’s defense. “Sisqó’s the man. I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. Whatever, man… I still wear thongs.”

Kreayshawn, whose debut album is due later this year on Columbia Records, declared that this would not be the last of her. “I’m gonna be making hits, man. I’m here to stay.”

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