Flo Rida

Flo Rida Recalls Rough Road to Success [Video]

He may be traveling the world and racking up platinum hits, but Flo Rida’s life wasn’t always glamorous. The “Low” rapper takes us back to his old stomping grounds of Carol City, Florida, in the first episode of his web series, “There’s Only One Flo.” He recalls what it was like to grow up in a rough environment, visiting the 187 Street Apartments where he lived with his mother and seven sisters, and his alma mater of Miami Carol City High School.

“You would probably walk out your door and realize you got a SWAT team on the roof. After gun shots ring out, you go to your mailbox and you see bullet holes everywhere,” remembers Flo. “Being born and raised in that environment, you wouldn’t really be that fearful because you was born and raised there.”

Flo’s new album Only 1 Rida (Part 2), featuring the Etta James-sampled single “Good Feeling,” is due later this year.