Nick Cannon

New Music: Nick Cannon – ‘I Remember (Remix)’

Nick Cannon reflects on his rise from rags to riches on his remix to Deadmau5 and DJ Kaskade’s “I Remember,” while touching on headline-making topics including his children, wife, and beef with Eminem. “Now I got twins and I’m shocked, Damn, how fast they growin’/ Wonder if they knowin’ that they daddy go hard,” he raps.

The showbiz mogul also responds to those who think he married into wealth. “But everybody sayin’ they Mariah checks/ That’s the first mistake and lying’s next/ Nick is broke, he ain’t cold.”

And he stands up once again for the mother of his children, revealing what he would have done to Eminem after their feud. “I remember when I was a fan of the dude from Michigan/ Then he put me in a predicament, defend my family, protect my wife/ Fuck how you handle, this ain’t your life/ Could of Ortized him, ain’t that fight.”