/  10.08.2011

Lil Wayne gets deep during a 30-minute video he calls his “Public Service Announcement.” Weezy F. Baby reminisces on the life of Steve Jobs while pondering his own legacy.

“I don’t know a person that hasn’t been influenced in some sort of way by this man,” says Weezy of the late Apple co-founder. “We lost that man, and I think we lost him too soon, honestly a lot too soon ’cause I’m quite sure there’s a bunch of people who don’t know who I’m talking about. And that’s when you’ve lost someone too soon, when there’s people that don’t know the greatness of someone.”

He also wonders how people will remember him when he is gone. “I wonder if motherfu**ers really remember me for the innovator I am,” he continues while seated on a couch at his Miami mansion.

During his candid conversation, he shares that the syrup in his Styrofoam cup was Promethazine cough syrup prescribed by his doctor (“I don’t do this to be cool. I did this because I was sick”), strips down to reveal his tattoos, shows off his $1.8 million Bugatti (“I was the first African American rapper with a Bugatti”), and explains why he put out a rock album and got into skating.

“I just want you to know that I’m a very passionate man at whatever I do. I just want you to understand and ask yourself at all times, what’s the reason you’re doing or trying to do or saying you do what you do?” he asks.

A confident Weezy declares how his impact will be felt. “I’m making the world a better place. I’m making your son, your cousin, your niece, your nephew say, ‘I want a skateboard.’ I want to go outside and play.”

After he’s done getting philosophical, he plugs the new Young Money Discover card and upcoming albums from his Young Money-Cash Money family.

[Derick G.]


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