Snoop Dogg and Cori B.

Video: Cori B. – ‘Do My Thang’

Look out young world! Snoop Dogg’s daughter Cori B. serves up a sweet treat with the video for her debut single “Do My Thang” co-starring her brothers and famous father.

In the colorful clip, Snoop plays the owner of an ice cream parlor where his children work. One day, 12-year-old Cori comes in and tells her pops that she’s been feeling down because she doesn’t have time to spend with her friends or work on her music. Always the voice of reason, Tha Doggfather teaches her a lesson in responsibility while encouraging her to write down her ideas and emotions in a journal. In the dream sequence, Cori imagines performing her catchy tune at a dance party with her friends.

Snoop has big plans for his baby girl. “That’s when I’ma retire, when my baby girl get her foot all the way in the game,” he recently told Rap-Up TV.

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