Game and Jay Manuel

Game Guest Judges on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ [Video]

Game popped up in the most unusual of places, “America’s Next Top Model.” The Compton rapper sat in the director’s chair on last night’s episode and lent his expertise as the contestants created music videos to their songs.

During the judges’ panel, he gushed over blonde contestant Allison. “I’m attracted to her,” he revealed. “She’s got a little weird, weird, weird, weird thing, and I’ll keep it and you guys can look from there.”

Game, who rapped about Tyra Banks’ forehead on his 2005 hit “Higher,” apologized to the “Top Model” host beforehand. “I had [my publicist] send over some flowers with a card that said, ‘Sorry about the fo’head joke.’ We joked about it, but she said she had never heard it,” he told Rap-Up TV, adding, “Her forehead wasn’t that big in real life. It was there, but it wasn’t as big.”

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