Rihanna Reveals ‘Talk That Talk’ Tracklisting

Rihanna has yet another album in the can. The pop superstar celebrated the completion of her sixth LP Talk That Talk by unveiling the tracklisting on Facebook.

In the black-and-white candids, RiRi poses alongside a sheet of paper with the 15 tracks written down and toasts with her collaborators in Europe. In addition to her No. 1 single “We Found Love,” the album will include tracks such as “Roc Me Out,” “Drunk on Love,” and the sweet “Birthday Cake.”

Unlike her previous efforts, there will only be one surprise guest this time. “One feature on the album! And we got the best!!!!!” tweeted RiRi.

Find out what you can expect come November 21.

Talk That Talk Tracklisting

1. “We Found Love”
2. “You the One”
3. “Watch and Learn”
4. “Roc Me Out”
5. “Cockiness”
6. “Talk That Talk”
7. “Answer”
8. “Drunk on Love”
9. “Farewell”
10. “We All Want Love”
11. “Saxon” “Red Lipstick”
12. “Fool in Love”
13. “Where Have You Been”
14. “Do Ya Thang”
15. “Birthday Cake”

* This is not the final sequence.

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