Lil Wayne Shows Off Skateboarding Skills [Video]

Lil Wayne has been brushing up on his skateboarding skills. Weezy F. posted a video on YouTube of him skating on a ramp that he built on the roof of his Miami mansion. While he doesn’t pull any fancy stunts, he manages to keep his feet on the board most of the time.

Tunechi got the idea to build the ramp after watching television. “I’m still a kid, because unfortunately my childhood was raped away from me because I became a star, a rapper, or whatever you want to call it, and you can’t be a kid and a rapper at the same time,” he told GQ. “So I was just watching TV, and I was like, ‘Yeah. I want to do that!’ And I called a guy and I said, ‘I want a ramp on my roof.’ I have a pretty big roof at home. So I put a ramp on the roof, and man, I’ve been skating ever since.”