T.I. and Pharrell

On Set of T.I. and Pharrell’s ‘Here Ye, Hear Ye’ Video

T.I. recently linked up with Pharrell to shoot the video for their collaboration “Here Ye, Hear Ye.” The dapper rappers posed in front of a white backdrop, with the fashion-forward Sk8brd rocking a captain’s hat, red motorcycle jacket, and Timbs in one scene and a fur-trimmed jacket in another. Tip also stepped up his fashion game, looking fresh in a V-neck sweater and scarf.

Tip, whose VH1 show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” premieres December 5, described his joint record with P as “some hip-hop rap shit.” “We’re just going in for four minutes rapping,” he told Rolling Stone of the cut, which is expected to appear on his upcoming album.

Pharrell and T.I.

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