Bono and Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Hangs with Bono at Documentary Screening

Alicia Keys received support from fellow philanthropist Bono at the screening of her documentary, Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys, at New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel last night. The film, which premieres December 1 on Showtime, follows a pregnant Keys’ journey to South Africa during last year’s World Cup.

The Grammy-winning singer launched her charity to help those affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India, and hopes the documentary will shed more light on the issues. “Even if you never have been able to travel there, or if you never can, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel with us and really see it for yourself,” she told the AP.

The U2 frontman was intimidated the first time he met the “Superwoman.” “I was terrified the moment I met her. I was shaking in my boots,” said Bono. “I was very moved by her singing of course, but what was interesting was the hard questions afterwards, and I think it’s those hard questions that she asks that lead her.”

Watch the trailer for Keep a Child Alive with Alicia Keys below.

Bono and Alicia Keys Alicia Keys Bono and Alicia Keys