Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Nears Completion on New Album

Alicia Keys was smiling from ear to ear as she sat down for an interview with Robin Roberts on “GMA.” Seated in the Cort Theater on Broadway, where her show Stick Fly plays, the singer explained what’s it like to produce her first Broadway show and joined the cast for an interview and some singing.

She also revealed that she is in the final stages of recording her fifth album. “I think we got a couple more months and we’re ready to fly,” she told Roberts.

But she’s in no rush. “You deserve the best and I want to give you the best, so when you hear this music you’re blown away, like you’re filled,” she said.

While she’s in love with her work, seeing her son Egypt grow up brings her the most joy. “Experiencing that and seeing that, it makes me really happy.”

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