Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Debuts Web Series ‘Weezy’s Sports Corner’

Lil Wayne is sharing his love for sports. Surrounded by Green Bay Packers memorabilia, the sports fanatic introduced his new online show “Weezy’s Sports Corner.” The idea originally started when he was in prison. He used his blog to talk sports and communicate with his fans. The unscripted web series will be posted every Saturday and viewers will be able to interact with Wayne by submitting questions. If he is “intrigued,” he will answer them on the next show.

“My love for sports started when I was about zero years old. That means I was born a sports child,” said Wayne. “It was mostly the women in my family. My mom and my grandmother, they were just super sporty… They loved their teams, they loved football, they loved baseball, they loved basketball.”

The Young Money chief will also be a co-host on the upcoming ESPN show “The Sports Rap” with Rob Parker and Jalen Rose. “It will be no holds barred,” explained Weezy.

Watch him discuss the NBA, NFL, skateboarding, and college sports in the inaugural seven episodes.

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