Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Buys a Gift for Blue Ivy Carter

Kelly Rowland searched high and low for the perfect gift for Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter. B’s BFF browsed the selection of children’s clothes at Lucky Wang boutique in New York City, picking out a green onesie with Bob Marley’s face printed on it. She had it wrapped before running out the door to her waiting car.

It was Kelly who originally revealed the gender of the baby during an event in London, but she has not addressed Blue’s birth on Twitter. Her fellow Destiny’s Child diva Michelle Williams, however, chided those who bashed her for not publicly congratulating the couple online.

“I do NOT have to say congrats to someone when they’re NOT on twitter…ESPECIALLY when I talk or email them all the time….or when I’ll be physically present as well…so harrassing and stalking my timeline to see if I’ve mentioned something is POINTLESS!!! My friendship with people aren’t always for twitter display. Respect that and get a LIFE!!!” tweeted Michelle.

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