Beyoncé and Solange

Solange Defends Beyoncé Against Haters

While the birth of Blue Ivy Carter was the best experience of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s lives, there are some who did not share their happiness. Solange took to Twitter to address those who had negative things to say about her sister.

After holding back, the “I Decided” singer broke her silence in a series of tweets. “It has really gotten out of hand,” she wrote. “I’ve been doing my best at keeping my mouth shut….but the ignorance is really sad and upsetting.”

Beyoncé has had to deal with her share of vicious rumors including reports that she faked her pregnancy. “It’s so ridiculous and over the top,” B told Katie Couric in a previous interview.

But Solange is not going to let her sister be maligned. “We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed,” she continued. “It is one of THE hardest things to accept. In any other workplace…if someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake ect…you would naturally express yourself.”

Despite the hate, she has chosen to focus on the positive. “However, the pure happiness and joy I’ve witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut.”

The new aunt welcomed her newborn niece over the weekend. “The most beautiful girl in the world,” tweeted an overjoyed Solange. “In love. So THIS is what Aunty-hood feels like.”