Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Returns to Work, Interviews Howard Stern

Nick Cannon was back on his grind after being hospitalized with “mild kidney failure” while on vacation in Aspen earlier this month. The showbiz mogul returned to the airwaves on his radio show to address his health and interview a controversial guest.

Howard Stern phoned in to Nick’s 92.3 NOW radio show “Rollin’ with Nick Cannon” on Tuesday (Jan. 17). The shock jock is a judge on the new season of “America’s Got Talent,” which Cannon hosts. While the two have had their issues in the past (Stern has insulted Mariah on his SiriusXM show), they put aside their differences and remained cordial.

Roc and Roe’s father, who appeared with his wife at BET Honors over the weekend, explained why he was hospitalized. “They originally thought I had acute mountain sickness ’cause I was in Aspen,” said Cannon. “Then I did all these tests and they were like, it’s just kidney stones. Then they didn’t find any stones. Then they thought it was a kidney infection. Then it was a lot more serious. They found out that my kidneys weren’t functioning well.”

But after some time off, he’s feeling much better. “I got a couple more procedures I gotta go do, but I’m good, I’m back. I’m feeling 100 percent.”

The hard-working Cannon, who juggles many different roles, learned a valuable lesson from his health scare. “Because of this situation, I definitely know that I don’t need to go too hard.”