Tyler, the Creator and Tony Hawk

Odd Future Talks to Tony Hawk [Video]

Odd Future sat down with Tony Hawk during the group’s trip to Australia for the Big Day Out festival. Foul-mouthed leader Tyler, the Creator, along with L-Boy, Mike G, Left Brain, and Taco, shared laughs with the skateboarding pro during their candid conversation.

Tyler discussed the OF pop-up store, his inspirations (cats and meth), love for skating, and selling his artwork to a celebrity. “I have a really big artist who wants to buy some of my artwork. I never put it online, it’s just some shit I made. He was like, ‘How much do you want for it?’ Name a price,” shared Tyler, who decided to give him the piece for free.

But the interview abruptly ended when he farted and everyone cleared the room. That always does the trick.