Nicki Minaj and Madonna

Madonna Gushes About Kissing Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj locked lips with Madonna while shooting the video for the Material Girl’s single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” in December. During an interview on Anderson Cooper’s talk show “Anderson,” the pop queen shared her admiration for the Young Money rapper and gushed about their intimate moment.

“I listen to Nicki Minaj. I love her,” said Madge. “I love [Nicki and M.I.A.] actually and I wanted to collaborate with both of them on my record because I’m a big fan of their music, but also I like their independence, I like their spirit. They’re cheeky and unique and they have individual voices and they’re not conventional pop stars, and I really admire them both.”

She shared what led to her much-talked-about smooch with Nicki. “It was her birthday and it was actually the end of one of those long days of shooting and we were all giving a birthday toast to her,” explained Madonna. “After a few sips of champagne, I kissed her.”

The song and video for “Give Me All Your Luvin'” will debut Friday, and the trio will team up for a performance at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show.