Beyoncé and Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Denies Beyoncé ‘X Factor’ Rumors: ‘It’s Complete Nonsense’

Don’t expect to see Beyoncé filling in for Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger on next season’s “X Factor.” The show’s creator Simon Cowell is shutting down reports that he offered to pay the singer $100 million/year to join the singing competition.

“No, I have no idea where this rumor came from,” the feisty Brit told “Extra.” “I read it online that I had offered her $100 million/year. It’s complete nonsense. The budget of the show is $100 million. No one’s gonna pay $100 million/year for someone.”

The FOX show recently experienced a shakeup after the recent departure of Abdul and Scherzinger, leaving L.A. Reid and Cowell on the judging panel. Despite Beyoncé’s star power, Cowell would not make such an outlandish offer nor has he even discussed the opportunity with her. “It would never ever, ever happen,” he said. “It’s absolute nonsense and I genuinely haven’t had a conversation with her about it.”

Another person to cross off the list of potential judges is Mariah Carey. After months and months of speculation, Cowell confirmed that the pop diva will not participate on the show.

“No, she’s not on the list because I don’t think Mariah would make that commitment. I really, really don’t,” he said. “She’s just had kids. You have to work five days a week on this show and you’ve got to do all the traveling as well. Just to put it out there, she will not be on the list. I adore her, I would love her, but you can’t expect someone who’s just had two kids, who’s got a record career, to make the kind of commitment we would need on this show.”