Chris Brown

Behind the Video: Chris Brown – ‘Turn Up the Music’

Chris Brown worked up a sweat on set of the video for “Turn Up the Music,” which he co-directed with Godfrey Tabarez. The adrenaline was pumping as Breezy performed highly-choreographed routines in a warehouse surrounded by dancers in animal costumes. He strutted in a suit, splashed in the rain, raved at a techno party, and danced in the streets.

“We wanted to make sure that people, when they watch this, they feel like they’re in this video,” explained Tabarez. “We wanted to give it personality, we wanted to make it fun, we wanted everybody to see this and wish they were there.”

Breezy calls the video his best work yet. “I’ll let you guys judge but this Turn Up the music video hands down is probably my best video by far!!!” he tweeted.