Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Shows Her True Colors in Vogue

Nicki Minaj’s dreams of being in Vogue have come true. While she didn’t score the cover of the fashion magazine, the “Starships” rapper does appear inside the March issue.

The 29-year-old Barbie turns a shade of blue, modeling a curly pink wig, long eyelashes, and a fuchsia dress in the striking photo shot by famed photographed Steven Klein.

In the article, she shares her early career aspirations. “A huge part of me wanted to be a lawyer!” says Nicki, who is a fan of “Forensic Files” and “Judge Judy.” “I would do a really good job as a prosecutor.”

She also admits to previously spending $50,000 a month on designer shoes and bags. “Giuseppe, Versace, YSL, and Fendi shoes,” she reveals. “I bought tons of Vuitton bags. When you’re a young girl from Queens, you’re going to stock up on those bags.”

But she doesn’t want to be known as just a glamour girl and has plans to launch a foundation for young women. “The Nicki Minaj girl is a fun, artsy girl who can become a fierce force to be reckoned with on Wall Street!” she explains. “They hang on my every word, so I tell them, go to school, be ambitious. The worst position is to be financially dependent on the man.”