Rihanna and Grandparents

Rihanna Throws Party for Grandmother’s Birthday

Rihanna may be one of the biggest stars in the world, but to her family she’s still the same old Robyn. The “We Found Love” singer celebrated her grandmother Dolly’s birthday in New York on Friday night.

Earlier in the evening, the paparazzi spotted the blonde babe making her way through the aisles at Whole Foods, picking up dishes and a birthday cake, before heading to the intimate house party. RiRi threw down in the kitchen and toasted the occasion with her grandparents, sharing the personal moments on Twitter.

Her grandfather joked about her always changing hairstyle. “My GranDad: Robyn how ya is get hair from red to cream to black??? Cuz ya don’t carry wigs!!! Ya does wash it out?!” she tweeted.

Check out more candid photos from RiRi’s family function below. Can you feel the love?