Usher Titles New Album ‘The Shanertance’ [Update]

Usher’s new album title is bound to get people talking. The singer’s seventh LP will be called The Shanertance, reports CNN.

During an interview with U.K. radio station Capital FM, the R&B superstar revealed that he has been working on the follow-up to 2010’s Raymond v. Raymond with British singer-songwriter Labrinth.

“We actually haven’t finished this one, but I’m working with Labrinth and that is my big surprise for London,” said Usher. “I wanted to take a stab at his world… I can only imagine what me and Labrinth will do with this U.S. and U.K. connection.”

He also shared his desire to duet with Adele. “I think the world deserves an Usher and Adele record,” he added. “That’s what I think. That would be the other U.K. connection that I think everybody would be really fond of and enjoy.”

Usher’s first single “Climax,” produced by Diplo, is currently No. 45 on the Billboard Hot 100, while The Shanertance is due later this spring.

UPDATE: Breathe easy. Contrary to reports, Usher’s upcoming album is not called The Shanertance. “I’m not feeling the name of my new album, ‘The Shanetance’?? Where in the hell did this come from?? LMAO. Don’t believe everything you hear!” he tweeted.