Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Talks Beyoncé, Beefs, & Breaking Boundaries on ‘Breakfast Club’

Nicki Minaj continued her radio rounds with a visit to the controversial “Breakfast Club,” where she chatted with Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy about wanting to collaborate with Beyoncé, leaving her feuds in the past, opening the door for other female MCs, her relationship with Drake, which songs of hers make her cringe, and whether she would release another mixtape.

On who she wants to collaborate with: “My fans want a Beyoncé collab. That’s the only one.”

On moving past the beef: “I’m good. I’m not writing records about any girls in the game, past or present. I wish you guys the best and I really mean that. … We went at it, the best woman won, and I’m ready to move on.”

On opening the door for other female rappers: “When a door opens for me, that means you just got another opportunity to do you. … In order for my theory to prove right, these girls have to come in the game and now get deals ’cause of Nicki Minaj.”

On her position in hip-hop: “These little spats and these little issues, I rise to the occasion every time. A lot of girls want it, but they haven’t been tested so much along the way. A rap battle, I could do that in my sleep now. I’m trying to get paper. I watch what Jay-Z did and I feel like if he could do it, I could do it. Just ’cause I’m a girl, doesn’t make me any different.”

On songs she doesn’t want to hear again: “I cringe when I hear ‘Massive Attack,'” she said, also citing “Your Love” as one of her least favorite records. “It wasn’t mixed properly.”

On Drake: “He’s definitely more of like my little brother. I feel like I look at Wayne as my older brother and Drake as my little brother. We do our little flirting and stuff ’cause we ain’t really brothers and sisters.”

On whether she would do another mixtape: “I would do a mixtape when all of the hottest MCs in the game sell millions of records ’cause people in the hip-hop culture try to attack Nicki Minaj, yet ya’ll ain’t buying the hottest MC in the game album. Why the hottest MC in the game ain’t selling 2 million albums?”