Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson Talks Apocalyptic Dreams, ‘Emotional’ Third Album

Keri Hilson sits down with her therapist, or rather an interviewer from Fuse, for “an incredibly intimate interview.” The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer recalls being fired from her job at a restaurant, the last lie she told, the body part she’s most proud of (get your mind out of the gutter), and the worst breakup she’s ever had, which inspired her upcoming third album.

“That’s why it’s midtempo,” explains Keri of the follow-up to 2010’s No Boys Allowed. “That’s why it’s emotional and that’s why it will probably be some of my best work yet.”

She also shares some of her least favorite dreams. “I have these recurring dreams about the end of the world and they’re very, very vivid and very realistic,” she said. “There’s always the sky going black and you’re watching it happen. Another dream it was like a flood. Another dream is there were so many people killing people in the streets, women and children included. … Another time it was UFOs and they were fighting above us and we just knew that this means it’s over.”

Journey into the mind of Keri Hilson.