Kevin Rudolf

Sneak Peek: Kevin Rudolf – ‘Don’t Give Up’

Kevin Rudolf spreads his motivational message with the video for “Don’t Give Up,” the first single off his upcoming third album. The Cash Money rocker strums his guitar and walks the city streets as images of Occupy Wall Street protesters and Birdman flash across the screen.

“It’s the first song I wrote for this album and I wrote it right when I moved back to New York from L.A.,” the songwriter told Billboard. “I was in L.A. doing a lot of writing and co-writing and production with other artists and I hadn’t even worked on my own project for about a year. And I just picked up a guitar one day and this song completely came through me. And I didn’t even feel like I wrote it.”

The full video will premiere April 19 on VEVO. Watch a 30-second preview below.