Rita Ora

Rita Ora Gets Bossy in Album Photo Shoot

Rita Ora was a sight to see while shooting the album packaging for her Roc Nation debut. The blonde bombshell mixed her street swagger with high fashion as photographers Gomillion & Leupold captured her in the gritty streets of downtown Los Angeles, at a bar, and her favorite scene of the day, posing with her sister in the back of a limousine.

“Everything was inspired basically by being bossy, by being independent, and by taking your own. We made sure that everything had character,” said the nervous 21-year-old. “Everything about my pictures, I wanted them to be moments and to be something that you caught.”

Gomillion & Leupold, who have photographed Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, and Keri Hilson, looked to the past for inspiration. “The inspiration for the shoot is called ’70s boss bitch and it’s a little bit inspired by old photographs of Bianca Jagger,” explained Leupold. “It’s gonna be laid out like a photo book.”

Go behind the scenes of Rita’s sexy shoot below.