T.I., Kris Stephens, and Tank

On Set of Tank and T.I.'s 'Compliments (Remix)' Video

  /  04.23.2012

T.I., Kris Stephens, and Tank

The General joined forces with the King on set of Tank’s video for the remix to “Compliments.” The labelmates were looking dapper for the camera, with Tip in a camouflage shirt and Tank in a leather motorcycle jacket. They couldn’t take their eyes off their sexy co-star, singer-songwriter Kris Stephens, who is also featured on the track.

“That record was a street buzz record in the beginning and we leaked it out there and let people hear it and get familiar with it,” Tank told staging-rapup.kinsta.cloud. “Once we put T.I. on there, it just skyrocketed from there.”

The “Compliments (Remix)” will appear on Tank’s upcoming album This Is How I Feel, due May 8. Check out more pics from the set below.

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