Rita Ora

Rita Ora Showcases Her Style for VEVO

  /  04.23.2012

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is quickly becoming known not only for her music, but her fashion as well. The stylish singer showcases her bold style and describes her look for VEVO LIFT U.K.’s “Stylized” series.

“I like colors, I love fabrics, and I love mixing high with something no one would really expect,” said the “R.I.P.” singer. “I’m a very big fan of high-fashion clothes, but I am from the streets so I have an influence of that.”

Her day-to-day stylist Kyle Devolle added, “If Gwen Stefani and ‘Where’s Wally?’ had a love child, but ‘Where’s Wally?’ died and Mr. T was the stepfather, that would be Rita.”

See the many looks of Rita below.

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