Shia, Tina, and Ashanti Douglas

Ashanti Gets Interviewed by Her Mom for Mother’s Day

Ashanti gets it from her mama. Not only did the singer’s mother pass on her genes, she also instilled valuable qualities like independence and ambition in her superstar daughter.

The Grammy-winning songstress sat down with her mother/manager Tina Douglas for an interview with AOL Music in honor of Mother’s Day. But this time, it was Tina asking the questions. She quizzed Ashanti on the best advice she’s given and asked her to describe the women in her family. Even sister Shia joined in the fun.

“You always taught me to be a leader, not a follower,” said Ashanti, whose album BraveHeart is due in June. “As simple as it is, it has always stuck with me and I’m very grateful for that advice.”

Feel the love in the room.